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Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With​

Hi there, Goal-Oriented Entrepreneur!

I know how exhausting it is to manage your business and be present in the digital world all by yourself.

 I know how it feels because I used to be in that situation too. I started my own business to actually find more time for myself, but I was wrong.

I was not able to find time! Instead, I lost waaaaay more TIME! I end up burnt out! Learned my lesson, so it’s time for me to save you from all the social media pressure!

The MERGE Creative is a backup digital marketing and social media service that help companies with their online presence by optimizing it through creative ideas, smart strategy and polished execution so they can focus on their business off the ground.

Social Media Strategist

Have you been struggling with Social Media lately?

Social media can be daunting even if you have an expert helping you; curating and creating social media for your brand is hard when you’re not a Social Media specialist. 

Social isn’t as simple as the “tweet” or “post it on Facebook” Social Media Marketing needs to be handled carefully and delicately so that its excellent quality content gets attention from the people who need it most.

If this sounds like your problem, then read on…

Hey there! I'm


I’m on a mission to help companies skyrocket their visibility with gracefully executed digital marketing & social media management. Since my career began, I have seen first hand what it takes for companies to expand their reach on social media.

It’s my goal to provide an affordable and reliable option for those looking to grow and succeed in their business without the burnout of managing expanding marketing efforts.

I realized there needed to be an alternative for small business owners who lacked time or resources and couldn’t afford full-time employees – so I created this solution!

With roller coaster experience under my belt, I’m here to help you skyrocket your business without stress or burnout!

"I tried The Merge Creative's Social Media optimization services by Mary Grace Mel. The experience was truly satisfactory, I enjoyed working with her.
She does her works out of the box. I'd highly recommend her to anyone."

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